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Publicado por Parlophone en agosto de 1966

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Let me tell you how it will be
there's one for you, nineteen for me
'cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman.

Should five per cent appear too small
be thankful I don't take it all
'cause I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman.

If you drive a car, I'll tax the street
if you try to sit, I'll tax your seat
if you get too cold I'll tax the heat
if you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.


'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman.

Don't ask me what I want it for (Aahh Mr. Wilson)
if you don't want to pay some more (Aahh Mr. Heath)
'cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman.

Now my advice for those who die
declare the pennies on your eyes
'cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman.

And you're working for no one but me
Taxman!John: coros y cencerro.
Paul: coros, guitarra líder y bajo.
George: voz y guitarra rítmica.
Ringo: batería y pandereta.
Eleanor Rigby
Ah, look at all the lonely people.

Eleanor Rigby
picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been
lives in a dream
waits at the window
wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
who is it for?

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
all the lonely people, wWhere do they all belong?

Father McKenzie
writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear
no one comes near
look at him working
darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there
what does he care?

All the lonely people.

Eleanor Rigby
died in the church and was buried along with her name
nobody came
Father McKenzie
wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
no one was saved.John: coros.
Paul: voz.
George: coros.

Tony Gilbert, Sidney Sax, John Sharpe y Juergen Hess: violín.
Stephen Shingles y John Underwood: viola.
Derek Simpson y Norman Jones: violonchelo.
I'm only sleeping
When I wake up early in the morning
lift my head, I'm still yawning
when I'm in the middle of a dream
stay in bed, float up stream.
please, don't wake me, no, don't shake me
leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping.

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy
I don't mind, I think they're crazzy
running everywhere at such a speed
till they find there's no need.

Please, don't spoil my day, I'm miles away
and after all I'm only sleeping.

Keeping an eye on the world going by my window
taking my time.

Lying there and staring at the ceiling
waiting for a sleepy feeling.John: voces, guitarra acústica.
Paul: coro, bajo.
George: coro, guitarra.
Ringo: batería.
Love you to
Each day just goes so fast
I turn around, it's past
you don't get time to hang a sign on me.
love me while you can
or I'll get a plan.

A lifetime is so short
a new one can't be bought
but what you've got means such a lot to me.
make love all day long
make love singing songs.

There's people standing round
who screw you in the ground
they'll fill you in with all the things you see.
I'll make love to you
if you want me to.Paul: coros.
George: voz. sitar, tambora, guitarra.
Ringo: pandereta.

Anil Bhagwat: tabla.
Here there and everywhere
To lead a better life I need my love to be here...

Here, making each day of the year
changing my life with the wave of her hand
nobody can deny that there's something there.

There, running my hands through her hair
both of us thinking how good it can be
someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there.

I want her everywhere and if she's beside me
I know I need never care
but to love her is to need her everywhere
knowing that love is to share.

Each one believing that love never dies
watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there.

I will be there and everywhere
here, there and everywhere.John: coro, guitarra rítmica.
Paul: voz, bajo.
George: coro, guitarra.
Ringo: batería, maracas.
Yellow submarine
In the town where I was born
lived a man who sailed to sea
and he told us of his life
in the land of submarines.

So we sailed up to the sun
till we found the sea of green
and we lived beneath the waves
in our yellow submarine.

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

And our friends are all on board
many more of them live next door
and the band begins to play.

We all live in a yellow submarine
yellow submarine.

[Full speed ahead, Mr. Parker, full speed ahead!
full speed over here, sir!
action station! Action station!
aye, aye, sir, fire!
heaven! heaven!]

As we live a life of ease
everyone of ushas all we need
sky of blue and sea of green
in our yellow submarine.

We all live in a yellow submarine
yellow submarine.John: coros, guitarra acústica, efectos de sonido.
Paul: coros, bajo, efectos de sonido.
George: coros, guitarra acústica, efectos de sonido.
Ringo: voz, batería, pandereta, efectos de sonido.

Neil Aspinall, George Martin, Geoff Emerick, Pattie Harrison, Brian Jones, Marianne Faithfull, Mal Evans: coro.
She said she said
She said "I know what it's like to be dead
I know what it is to be sad"
and she's making me feel like I've never been born.

I said "Who put all those things in your hair
things that ake me feel that I'm mad
and you're making me feel like I've never been born".

She said "You don't understand what I said"
I said "No, no, no, you're wrong
when I was a boy everything was right
everything was right".

I said "Even though you know what you know
I know that I'm ready to leave
'cause you're making me feel like I've never been born".John: voz, guitarra rítmica y órgano Hammond.
George: coro, guitarra, bajo.
Ringo: batería, shaker.
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine.

I need to laugh and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good in a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day.

Good day sunshine.

We take a walk, the sun is shining down
burns my feet as they touch the ground.

Good day sunshine.

Then we'd lie beneath the shady tree
I love her and she's loving me
she feels good, she knows she's looking fine
I'm so proud to know that she is mine.

Good day sunshine.John: coro, guitarra, palmas.
Paul: voz, bajo, piano, palmas.
George: coro, palmas.
Ringo: batería, palmas.

George Martin: piano.
And your bird can sing
You tell me that you've got everything you want
and your bird can sing
but you don't get me, you don't get me.

You say you've seen Seven Wonders and your bird is green
but you can't see me, you can't see me.

When your prized possessions start to wear you down
look in my direction, I'll be round, I'll be round.

When your bird is broken will it bring you down
you may be awoken, I'll be round, I'll be round.

You tell me that you've heard every sound there is
and your bird can swim
but you can't hear me, you can't hear me.John: voz, guitarra rítmica, palmas.
Paul: coro, bajo, guitarra, palmas.
George: coro, guitarra, palmas.
Ringo: batería, pandereta, palmas.
For no one
Your day breaks, your mind aches
you find that all the words of kindness linger on
when she no longer needs you.

She wakes up, she makes up
she takes her time and doesn't feel she has to hurry
she no longer needs you.

And in her eyes you see nothing
no sign of love behind the tears
cried for no one
a love that should have lasted years!.

You want her, you need her
and yet you don't believe her when she said her love is dead
you think she needs you.

You stay home, she goes out
she says that long ago she knew someone but now he's gone
she doesn't need him.Paul: voz, clavicordio, piano, contrabajo.
Ringo: batería, maracas, pandereta.

Alan Civil: oboe.
Dr. Robert
Ring my friend, I said you call Doctor Robert
day or night he'll be there any time at all, Doctor Robert
Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man
he helps you to understand
he does everything he can, Doctor Robert.

If you're down he'll pick you up, Doctor Robert
take a drink from his special cup, Doctor Robert
Doctor Robert, he's a man you must believe
helping everyone in need
no one can succeed like Doctor Robert.

Well, well, well, you're feeling fine
well, well, well, he'll make you... Doctor Robert.

My friend works for the national health, Doctor Robert
don't pay money just to see yourself with Doctor Robert
Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man
he helps you to understand
he does everything he can, Doctor Robert.John: voz, guitarra rítmica, armonio.
Paul: bajo, piano.
George: guitarra, maracas.
Ringo: batería
I want to tell you
I want to tell you
my head is filled with things to say
when you're here
all those words, they seem to slip away.

When I get near you
the games begin to drag me down
it's alright
I'll make you maybe next time around.

But if I seem to act unkind
it's only me, it's not my mind
that is confusing things.

I want to tell you
I feel hung up but I don't know why
I don't mind
I could wait forever, I've got time.

Sometimes I wish I knew you well,
then I could speak my mind and tell you
maybe you'd understand.John: coro, pandereta, palmas.
Paul: coro, bajo, piano, palmas.
George: voz, guitarra, palmas.
Ringo: batería, maracas.
Got to get you into my life
I was alone, I took a ride
I didn't know what I would find there
another road where maybe I could see another kind of mind there.

Ooh, then I suddenly see you
ooh, did I tell you I need you
every single day of my life.

You didn't run, you didn't lie
you knew I wanted just to hold you
and had you gone you knew in time we'd meet again
for I had told you.

Ooh, you were meant to be near me
ooh, and I want you hear me
say we'll be together every day.

Got to get you into my life.

What can I do, what can I be
when I'm with you I want to stay there
if I'm true I'll never leave
and if I do I know the way there.

Got to get you into my life.John: coro, guitarra rítmica.
Paul: voz, bajo
George: coro, guitarra.
Ringo: batería, tambores.

George Martin: órgano.
Eddie Thornton, Ian Hamer y Les Condon: trompeta.
Alan Branscombe y Peter Coe: saxofón.
Tomorrow never knows
Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
it is not dying, it is not dying.

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
it is shining, it is shining.

Yet you may see the meaning of within
it is being, it is being.

Love is all and love is everyone
it is knowing, it is knowing.

And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
it is believing, it is believing.

But listen to the colour of your dreams
it is not leaving, it is not leaving.

So play the game "Existence" to the end
of the beginning, of the beginning.John: voz, órgano Hammond, pandereta, loops.
Paul: bajo, loops.
George: sitar, loops.
Ringo: batería, loops.

George Martin: piano, loops.
Todas las canciones compuestas por Lennon y McCartney, excepto Taxman, Love you to y I Want to tell you escritas por George Harrison.
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